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Salone Internazionale del Mobile
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28 April 2015 by Βάνα Δολμέ, in News

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Ποιότητα δίχως όρια…
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09 April 2015 by Βάνα Δολμέ, in News

Ποιότητα δίχως όρια…

Tv Spot
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06 February 2015 by Super User, in News

Tv Spot



1. Exhibition

Address: 115, Kifisias Ave. & Agiou Constantinou Str., Maroussi
Phone: +30 210 61 41 481
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2. Exhibition

Address: 46,Poseidon Ave., Alimos
Phone: +30 210 98 50 030
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3. Stock

Address: Kimis Ave. and 5, Apsithias Str., Axarnai
Phone: +30 210 24 05 270




10:00 to 16:00


10:00 to 21:00



Armeniakos Home - Tailor Made

Each piece of Armeniakos furniture  is just a sample of its potentiality.

In Armeniakos Home we offer you the opportunity to select the ideal furniture or couch and customize it, so that it  fits perfectly in your room , meets your specifications and quality of life.

The choice of materials, fabrics, colors and sizes is yours.

The possibilities you have is nearly endless .

There are many options on  how you want to feel when you sit or lie down on a couch, as comfort itself  is a very personal matter.

In the Armeniakos Home you have a great deal of materials to choose from  and finally reach the one that will offer you the feeling that you expect  from your couch.

In Arneniakos Home, we believe that every piece of furniture must be adjusted to the tastes and needs of those who live with it.

The Armeniakos furniture is designed for you.




The Beginning

Nikos Armeniakos apprenticed and worked with the most known wood sculptors of that time and his talent was stood out at once. Seven years later he decided to create his own small workshop in Epirus street in the center of Athens and he began to create his own group of craftsmen.



The first store

Having now formed a wide range of classic, quality furniture , Nikos Armeniakos opened the first store. It was one of the biggest furniture stores in Athens, and that  made ARMENIAKOS name even more famous.



The first factory

Realizing the constantly growing sales, Nikos Armeniakos decided to create a furniture factory in order to meet the increased demand. The profound experience and the excellent organization made  the  Armeniakos – Furniture Company   a trustworthy and reliable firm.



The Follow-up

Nick’s descendants, Dionysis and Helen Armeniakos took over the company and began the renewal of products according to the prevailing trends of the market. The change of style from classical to minimalist modern furniture,  soon  became percieved. In 2003, they started new collaborations abroad, with large furniture companies and opened a new store in Maroussi. Five years later, in 2008, they established the new ultramodern Factory in Aharnes, Armeniakos Home . The brandname - Armeniakos Home- became even stronger.



New Store

The second big store of Armeniakos Home  Company in Alimos, is a fact . The product range is even more exrended and  wholesale sales have significantly increased.


2010 › Today

Despite the market crisis the company countinues its course  dynamically and its share is continually increased.

Always guided by the respect for the customer, with two big Armeniakos Home corporate stores,  located to the most commercial areas of Athens , with over 100 wholesale partners in Greece and abroad and through partnerships with major international firms ,the  Armeniakos furniture which is made from high quality materials and crafted with great attention to detail , offers comfort and style in any room of the house .


Life is style