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The Armeniakos brand has, for 60 years, been synonymous with everyday comfort and style throughout the home.

Armeniakos is a company with a tradition of creating furniture in both modern and timeless designs, manufactured with particular care and focus on every last detail. Their sophisticated design and functionality make unique creative statements in their use of space, and the company’s collaboration with leading designers and international furniture brands is a powerful advantage.

Designed to meet the individual needs and requirements of every space, Armeniakos furnishings combine simplicity and minimalist style with refined aesthetics. Each piece of furniture bearing the Armeniakos signature is a high quality product, painstakingly assembled to our exacting standards, born of years of experience, built to find its place in every home of good taste!


The manufacturing process through which Armeniakos furniture is produced is adapted to the most stringent standards of quality, which absolutely guarantee their safety, functionality and ergonomics. Constant quality controls accompany the product at every stage of production, from raw materials to final delivery to the client. The use of natural and recycled materials in the production process is always enforced, in line with the company’s sensitivity to environmental issues. Respect for nature is as much a guiding principle for us as is respect for the consumer.


Armeniakos, besides its range of unique products, also offers a range of special benefits and services.

Interior Design/Decoration

Our experienced decorators are at your disposal completely free of charge to help you create your space your way, according to your personal style.

Unlimited After-Sales Service

Armeniakos furnishings are meant to last a lifetime, and the specialised staff of the After Sales Service department is always there for your every need. For your inconvenience, you may contact us on 210 2405270 int.207 and via email on .


Armeniakos Home’s continuous investment in innovative technology allows it to optimise the production process while achieving the ideal relationship between value and price across its high-quality range.

As a result, Armeniakos is able to offer its furniture with favourable finance options (up to 12 interest-free installments - all cards accepted) and with a variety of alternative payment solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs.


Armeniakos is always focused on pursuing modern trends and attaining the highest possible quality. For this reason, we have secured for the Greek market stable partnerships with the largest and most prestigious international furniture brands, renowned worldwide for their design in furniture and accessories.


Armeniakos furnishings are designed and produced in the company’s cutting-edge facilities in Aharnes, Attica. The production line is fully integrated and organised based on complete and constant quality control.

With highly precise machinery operated by the most experienced technicians, Armeniakos is able to manufacture custom made furniture even in personalised dimensions. Delivery of our furniture is carried out as quickly as possible, including the most demanding orders and regardless of the quantity purchased.


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